Thursday, 4 October 2012

Popular Dehradun Restaurant Tirupati Continues to Please Customers

The Tirupati Balaji Vegetarian Restaurant in Dehradun is one of Dehradun’s most popular and well-known restaurants. This Dehradun restaurant is especially popular for its South Indian Cuisine, although their North Indian food and Chinese food are also in high demand. Tirupati offers a wide variety of tasty Vegetarian meals and snacks, served in a very friendly, family atmosphere. Tirupati Balaji is located very conveniently, right on Rajpur Road, directly opposite to St. Joseph’s Academy (just next to Ashley Hall).

People looking for good restaurants in Dehradun have always been pleased after a visit to Tirupati. The staff is friendly and professional, and the food is excellent. What many people do not know is that the portions at Tirupati are actually a bit larger than the portions at most other Dehradun restaurants, which makes the low prices even more valuable.

The owner and manager, Rocky Kalra, is a local from the area. Rocky grew up in Mussoorie, and has stayed in Dehradun to create this excellent Vegetarian Restaurant. Rocky will often be found right there at the entry to the restaurant where he enjoys greeting his guests and making sure that everything is being taken care of. Rocky says, “Tirupati has been very, very successful and I’m really thankful to God almighty forgiving me strength and courage for this undertaking. My heartiest thanks to all my respected customers and well-wishers who made this attempt of mine a successful one. I want people to have a place to eat where they can be confident of high quality food and top-notch service. I’m always pleased to see familiar faces returning over and over as part of our regular stream of guests.”

Tirupati offers service from 8:00 AM to 10:45 PM, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything for each meal is carefully prepared according to Mr. Kalra’s high standards for Vegetarian cuisine. In fact, Mr. Kalra himself tastes the foods every morning, keeping a strict check on the quality, before it goes for out to the guest. People have been so happy with the food at Tirupati, that this Dehradun restaurant has also built a large tiffin business, offering three to four different varieties of meal trays, catering to the needs of the local office crowd. Tirupati also offers free delivery of any of their food right to the customer’s door, anywhere in Dehradun.

For more information about Tirupati and to see why it is such a popular Dehradun Vegetarian Restaurant, just visit the Tirupati website. For those who are interested in good Dehradun restaurants, you should also check out The Punjabi Essence, also owned and managed by Mr. Kalra, and located right upstairs above Tirupati. The Punjabi Essence offers a unique dining experience with a bit more quiet and privacy. To contact Tirupati, call 0135 - 2711011, and to contact The Punjabi Essence, just dial 0135 - 2713380.

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